Timber Windows

Timber windows form the substance of your home and give it a unique quality, which can’t be replicated by any modern, standard frame. When rusting hinges, rotting frames and missing putty start to diminish the aesthetic glory of your property, it’s time for a change. We think that our double-glazed, UV-coated, engineered, multi-layered timber window frame is your best option.

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on Weights

vertical bar
Aristocratic, elegant, solid and historic are best to describe traditional timber sash windows. Typical for Victorian British architecture, timber sash windows aren’t a thing of the past.

Gregorian Sash
on Weights

with bars
Heritage look is the most wanted feature of any period house or cottage. Gregorian sash on weights fit in perfectly in the traditional architecture of your home.

on Springs

no bar
Modernised solution for smoother operation of your traditional timber sash windows. Increased efficiency and mechanical aid thanks to double sprung balances.

on Springs

vertical bar & external sill
Spring-loaded, easy to operate mechanism for smooth sliding of both the top and the bottom sash. Featured by a decorative bar and external sill – a statement of elegance and style.

Flush Casement

horizontal bar and sill
Clean, aesthetic, square frames of a flush timber casement window suits both traditional and modern design. A large glazing surface lets more light enter into your living space.

Bay Windows

Increased living space and flow of natural light thanks to timber bay windows. Enhanced view, property value and aesthetic design with custom-made design and installation.
Energy Saving
Excellent Sound
High Light
10 years warranty
RAL Colour