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Can you match the style of my existing sash windows?

Yes. Thanks to the newest technologies and many years of experience, we’re able to provide a modern frame double or triple-glazed sash windows with authentic finish – from classic mouldings to counterbalance, pulley and cord systems.

What different glass options do you have?

We diversify to meet our clients’ expectations. Our portfolio includes clear, minster, stippolyte and etched glass options. We’re also able to meet other demands, such as bevelled glass panels, colour glass and brilliant cut.

What is engineered timber?

Engineered timber is a manufactured type of timber, which is the most environmentally friendly, greenest material to build with today. It’s created by joining three sheets of timber together, with the middle sheet sitting against the grain of the one above and below it. The production process gives engineered timber extra strength and resilience to warping, mould and condensation.

My property is listed and I want to double glaze. Can you offer this?

Yes. We have the knowledge, skills, tools and materials to supply double-glazed windows for historic and listed properties.

Why should I choose tilt and turn windows?

Tilt and turn windows can be opened fully, like casement windows, or just slightly, by tilting it from the bottom, to allow for a better ventilation of your living space, when the weather doesn’t allow for the windows to be opened fully.

Are your products fully compliant with building regulations?

Yes, all of our products are fully compliant with building regulations; they’re also covered by 10-year warranty.

How long is your lead time?

Our standard lead time is 8 weeks/20 working days.

What happens if I find a fault after you leave?

We provide our clients with a robust aftercare, so if you find any faults, let us know and we’ll come back to fix it.

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